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Production and Marketing of Wind Power in TamilNadu

Production and Marketing of Wind Power in TamilNadu

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This book is an outcome of the research carried on Production and Marketing of Wind Power in Tamil Nadu. Wind power installation is the latest mantra in global endeavor to improve the power generation scenario. In India, wind energy has been one of the prominent renewable sources of energy addressing three pressing issues viz. bridging the supply shortages, reducing carbon emissions and enhancing energy security. In India, Tamil Nadu is in the forefront in the field of wind power generation. An analysis on the factors that are responsible for the production of wind power, the cost effectiveness of wind power, the rate of return on investment, marketing practices and problems in production and marketing of wind power is made. Such a study can expose problems and may be useful to the various organizations and Government to provide conducive environment to accelerate the sustained growth of wind power development in the country through suitable policies and guidelines for providing technical help, financial support and various other incentives.
A Feasibility Study