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Secondary and Teachers' Colleges Syllabi: A Comparative Study

Secondary and Teachers' Colleges Syllabi: A Comparative Study

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The purpose of this study was to establish the correlation or link between art content at college level and that at secondary school in Masvingo Province. The researcher employed the descriptive survey design. The data were collected through questionnaires and interview schedule. A representative sample of two Art and Design secondary school teachers, eight Art and Design lecturers and six student teachers taking Art and Design academic study was chosen from the three primary school teachers’ colleges and two secondary schools respectively. Secondary school teachers and college lecturers were selected using purposive sampling while student teachers were randomly chosen. The data gathered were systematically presented in tables. Analysis of data was done and conclusions were drawn in relation to the research questions assumptions of the study and the relevant literature citations. Findings of the study revealed that college work both an extension and development of secondary school work based on the same philo
Art and Design Curriculum Issues