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Teaching Learning Process (Teacher Perspective)

Teaching Learning Process (Teacher Perspective)

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This book is the necessity elementary in nature, being written for Teacher as well as students who are studying psychology for the first time. It is scientifically sound and can give a strong foundation for more advanced study.This book contains chapters as Psychology and nature of learner, Growth and Development, Developmental stage theories, Adolescence, Personality, Individual Differences, Exceptional children, Specific Learner centered techniques, Adjustment, Motivation, Guidance & Counseling. I hope at least some of our teachers develop a keen interest in stimulating subject and will do independent study, going in the end for beyond the scope and depth of this book; I have drawn the illustrations, pictures, diagrams and examples used in this book from daily life. An effort has been made to keep them simple, useful and similar to situations that every teacher will meet in their day to day work. From the point of view of language, the author has tried to make use of the technical vocabulary at the minimum. The bibliography contains a list of some very useful books which will help for further study.
Educational Psychology