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The Theological Disposition of Lay Catholic Headteachers

The Theological Disposition of Lay Catholic Headteachers

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The author contends that theological disposition affects how headteachers see the mission of Catholic schools, and shapes their understanding of the Church and what it means to be a Catholic. This study identifies the spectrum of theological perspectives that are represented within Catholic school leadership and the extent to which these theological perspectives can be regarded as Catholic. Finally it offers insights into the influence of the theological disposition of headteachers on their understanding of the person and mission of Jesus Christ. This book sets the appointment of Catholics as headteachers of Catholic schools in a historical context and within the contemporary educational landscape. Theological disposition is defined and an elaboration sought through empirical research, focussing on lay Catholic headteachers in two English dioceses. In so doing it initiates an enquiry, which others may wish to take further. As well as interesting academics, who are engaged in the study of various aspect of Catholic life and education it will have direct relevance to Catholic headteachers and those who appoint them
Evidence from two English dioceses