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Scientific Attitude in High School Students

Scientific Attitude in High School Students

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Today the world is facing three major problems of population increase, pollution and poverty. The development efforts of the developing countries, such as India, are being nullified by increasing population and increasing poverty. Although science and technology have improved a lot of large number of human beings some of the worst problems of humanity today such as mentioned above have either been brought about or aggravated by science and technology. Education is one of the potent instruments in the development process if it is properly geared for that purpose. Science education being an important component of the education system should contribute in the solution of the problems of the country by developing desirable understandings, skills, abilities and attitudes. The greatest challenge is to humanize science that is to make it relevant to human needs and aspirations. In the present book an attempt has been made to know the scientific attitude in high school students.
Science and Education are two wheels of Development