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Essays on Pedagogy and School Effectiveness

Essays on Pedagogy and School Effectiveness

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The essays in his book are longer versions of the term papers and reports of researches and inquiries the author engaged in while a student at the Aga Khan University, Institute of Educational Development Eastern Africa in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. These essays have been published for three reasons: to share the authors' thoughts and interpretation of issues as a novice researcher; to 'immortalize' the work of the author's lecturers at AKU, IED and above all, to provoke debate on issues related to the three topics of pedagogical leadership practices, pastoral care and school effectiveness in the African context. The Tanzanian scenarios addressed in this book can be replicated across many African countries that are struggling with a young population hungry for education. Written from the perspective of a student teacher, this book is handy for students pursuing higher studies in teacher education
The Tanzanian Perspective