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Readability of Modular Materials of Teacher Education:

Readability of Modular Materials of Teacher Education:

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I have worked with Mr.Tesfaye for years again I met him in translation work I found him a critical thinker and voracious reader.I have gone through his MA thesis. I found the thesis very organized carefully analyzed & a problem solving approach.It can be taken as a resource material to study further in higher education. Yenealem Getachew Aboma,CHA Director I suppose this MA thesis is an input for curriculum developers in setting the level of materials for the targeted readers. Besides it teaches people to select reading materials that fit their level.I can say as a closer colleague, the writer is an expert in readability, translation & editing. Dejene Gizaw Lecturer Former Staff ,Florida, USA Tesfaye is an academician who has been translating materials like modules, handbooks and magazines from English into Amharic and Afan Oromo & vice versa for the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa Education Bureau,USAID, AED, Ethiopian Civil Service University.I have also been very interested in this book as well. Kefyalew Kebede Norway,Oslo Readability is a yardstick to measure the level of a material.Tesfaye it is a nice work. Zelealem Jebessa Semera University, Ethiopia
With Reference to Modules for Second Year 10+3 Diploma Programme Students at Kotebe College of Teacher Education