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Expert System for Investments Analyses

Expert System for Investments Analyses

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The domain considered, comprises proposed research work applied to investment in agro-based industrial sector using Expert Systems techniques, CASE technology, Zachman’s Framework, financial analysis, risk analysis, and qualitative analyses. The knowledge-based system, called AIES, enables users to determine the proper feasibility assessment for installation of agro-industries, which encompasses relationships among the many factors of the decision-making process across the domains of economic, financial, legal, technical, marketing, and environmental feasibilities. The AIES consolidates 57 decision-making factors into economical, technical, and general feasibilities in the proposed Expert System’s Model, along with weight assignments to these parameters. Certainty Factors’ addition formula was adopted to evaluate the ES model. The AIES elicits, extracts, and consolidates the knowledge of experts of a variety of disciplines, like, Managerial and Agricultural Economics, Industrial Management, Statistics, and Information Technology, heretofore unfamiliar with one another’s fields.
in Agro-based Industrial Sector of the Economy