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Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development

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Engaging curriculum experts and school teachers in scholarly thought and purposeful use of curriculum dynamics and research on student learning is pivotal to improve students’ achievement. Curriculum experts and teachers have highlighted many deficiencies in curriculum development process in Pakistan especially at Secondary Level. Unfortunately the curriculum development process operating in Pakistan has been inherited from alien rulers and is in dire need of reforms as per emerging global realities and established religious and cultural values. To this end, existing curriculum development process of Pakistan has been studied and compared with of different prevailing international models in field of curriculum development. Feedback and opinions of curriculum experts and schools teachers were sought through comprehensive questionnaires. On the basis of their feedback, the researcher has proposed a model of curriculum development process for secondary level in Pakistan to improve the secondary level curriculum process. The proposed model was presented to curriculum experts wherein validated model was expected to give good result in changing global education parameters.
Curriculum Model for Secondary Education