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Effects Of Teachers Training On Students Performance

Effects Of Teachers Training On Students Performance

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This book is based on the findings of a study carried out in private secondary schools in Tanga, Tanzania. Participants were purposefully selected from seven private schools. Data collection was done through Participants observation, Questionnaires, Interviews and Documentary analysis; and was analyzed by using both descriptive and quantitative methods. It was found that there is a great effect of teachers training on students'performance in ordinary level national mathematics examinations. The findings revealed that, factors such as lack of enough qualified teachers, text books, poor teaching methods, understaffing,students discipline and poor motivation and interests to both teacher and students have great effects on student performance in their final examinations. The book concluded that, to improve the situation and for the school to achieve good mathematics performance there is a great need of strengthening the school policies, government to train enough mathematics teachers, frequent provision of workshops and seminars and to improve great degree of motivation, order and discipline in students so that they take their studies seriously.
The Effects Of Teachers Training On Students Performance In Ordinary Level National Mathematics Final Examinations