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Changes in functional traits of Bacopa monnieri due to water treatment

Changes in functional traits of Bacopa monnieri due to water treatment

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Study of plant functional traits is essential to predict the nature of plant response to different biotic and abiotic perturbations. In this book, the effects of water treatment on the morphological, physiological and biochemical traits of micro as well as vegetative propagated Bacopa monnieri are reported. Results showed inhibition of flowering in water limitation, this inhibition was less in micropropagated plant than the vegetative plant. Fruiting was never seen in this plant during its life cycle. Further, the pigments, plant biomass, NPP, RGR, NAR and bacoside contents were maximum at the intermediate age of the micropropagated plant in daily watering condition, which could be suitable time for the harvesting of the plant for maximum active compounds. Amongst the traits; SLA, LAR, NAR, chlorophyll, NPP, P and reducing sugar synergstically explained the variation in bacoside content. When the studied four sets of B. monnieri were allowed to grow with herbaceous species in field condition, study showed difference in species composition could be due to variation in traits of B. monnieri. This invited different weed management practices of B. monneri in different treatments.
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