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Implementation of Quality Control Tools

Implementation of Quality Control Tools

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The importance of quality has been long recognized in the business environment in order to obtain or manufacture higher quality products. In manufacturing environment, quality improves reliability, increases productivity and customer satisfaction. In order to survive in a competitive market, improving quality and productivity of product or process is a must for any company. Quality Control (QC) tools are essential to improve the quality of manufacturing process. These tools are used to solve 95 percent of the problems faced by the organizations for improving its effectiveness. A case study has been conducted in an Automobile Organization using Quality Control (QC) Tools. It has been found that the defects of casting components has 9.79 percent per month which has been finally reduced to 8.52 percent per month by using Quality Control Tools. The net saving due to reduction in casting components rejections has Rs2.31 Lacs ($4358per month and Rs27.7 Lacs ($52264) per year. (One Dollar = Rs 53 at the time of research)