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Style and Strategy of In-service Teacher Education Programme

Style and Strategy of In-service Teacher Education Programme

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This book is the outcome of Ph.D work which contains the status and different strategy of in-service teacher education programmes in Odisha. It highlights concept,new vision, origin and historical development, need, objectives, organising agencies, strategies and problems of in-service teacher education in India and Odisha. It laid emphasis on the relevant research studies on in-service teacher education programme conducted in Abroad, India and Odisha. It discusses rationale, statement of the problem, operational difinition, objectives, research questions, method, sample, tools, procedure and techniques of data analysis. The details of analysis and interpretation,major findings, educational implications and suggestions for further study is reflected. The book would be useful for educational planners, policy makers, teacher educators, coordinators, teachers, researchers and students for effective organization and understanding of in-service teacher education programme. The book will undoubtedly, prove to be a source of reference for college teachers, who desirous to make their teaching very effective.
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