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Development of an Orientation Programme for Future Teachers

Development of an Orientation Programme for Future Teachers

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This book is the complete solution to the development of the necessary perceptions in any of the student teachers or in service teachers of the world through development of an orientation program based on 21 most necessary perceptions of education selected by the author. The authentic and scientific research experiences of the author have been recorded in the book open up new horizons for researchers working in the field of education. Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand, Gujarat, India awarded Ph.D. degree to this research work in May 2013. The orientation program is not only useful to the teachers and policy framers of education but also proves an eye opener to parents as it discusses how to orient ourselves to the basic perceptions of education through selected literary, philosophical and spiritual writings. On other hand, it also challenges prevailing education system aiming at memory, IQ, scientific attitude, examination and knowledge of the content forgetting the ultimate goals of life, creation of a vision of life with a value system and self-realization. Combination of the materials and ideas of the East and the West is also a salient feature of the book.