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Good Teaching in Tourism Higher Education

Good Teaching in Tourism Higher Education

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Although there has been a rapid growth in research into tourism education, little has focused on teaching or its evaluation. In connection with this point this book offers a timely perspective by addressing issues about the nature and the evaluation of teaching in tourism higher education. Specifically, it aims to explore the key dimensions on which teaching can be evaluated and, with reference to the views of tourism students and teachers, to identify the main factors associated with good teaching. The work draws on literature from the field of education more generally to arrive at a set of dimensions. Based on these it explains a study conducted in the UK, from which the main factors are identified. In addition to setting out an understanding of the main factors that are asociated with good tourism teaching it also offers valuable implications for the content of the curriculum and its organisation, for teaching practice and for the student experience and concludes with a reflective agenda of issues for the future. In this context, this book will be of value to anyone intersted in teaching evaluation but also interested in wider educational issues related to tourism.
Student and Teacher Perspectives