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Assessing Pain in Dementia Patients, A Critical Review

Assessing Pain in Dementia Patients, A Critical Review

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Dementia is rapidly becoming the hidden epidemic of the 21st century. Currently there is no cure and as a society we truly misunderstand it. This devastating disease seizes people’s lives, personalities, independence, love and emotions. Moreover it ricochets into their families and loved ones lives. Professionals in health therefore need to promote health and wellbeing for these individuals to the best of their ability. Research was undertaken through the means of critiquing current research articles to explore pain in dementia. Findings revealed various problems, with regard to health care professionals having limited knowledge and available aids in pain management for dementia patients. The main themes identified were, self assessment scales, pain indicators, observational scales and analgesic usage. All themes were critically analysed and recommendations for practice were made.
An exploration into current research and recommendation for future practice