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Estimation of Flood and Glacier Lake Outburst Flood

Estimation of Flood and Glacier Lake Outburst Flood

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Due to heavy spell of rainfall in monsoon season, rain induced flood disaster is common in Nepal. Glacier Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) is rare flood phenomenon, but in case of burst, it can carry huge amount of water and sediments. On the other hand, no structure of any importance, either in or adjacent to a river, should ever be planned or built without due consideration to the damage it may cause or damage to which it may be subjected in times of flood. The research delivers design Flood and GLOF formulas for hydrologist and design engineers of Nepal. The developed Flood and GLOF formulas are useful in vulnerability assessment of settlements which is situated near the river or for the design of any infra-structures which are going to construct in or adjacent to a river. This research was completed in year 2002. In 2008, the developed formula from research was implemented in Glacier project conducted by WWF.
Flood and GLOF Study for Nepalese Rivers