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Leadership and Performance in Public Secondary schools in Kenya

Leadership and Performance in Public Secondary schools in Kenya

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This book assesses leadership behaviours of high school principals in terms of balance between initiating structure and consideration dimensions and their relationship to performance of students’ in the national examination, Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) that marks the end of secondary school education. It investigates whether demographic factors of age, education level, gender and administrative experience of head teachers as well the categories of schools affect these leadership behaviours. The book shows that head teachers emphasise initiating structure more than consideration, that female head teachers were significantly stronger than their counterparts on both leadership dimensions. It also reveals that performance of students related negatively to initiating structure dimension of principals’ leadership and positively with consideration dimension. This book is highly recommended for lecturers, students and researchers of school management.
Relationship between headteachers' Leadership Styles and Secondary school Students' Performance in Kenya