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Constructivist-Based Instructional Model and Academic Achievement

Constructivist-Based Instructional Model and Academic Achievement

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the inability of French students to see the real world applications of concepts and principles coupled with lack of interest and poor performance has necessitated this book. This work investigated whether the use of constructivist based instructional model (CBIM) and teacher centered method (TCM) has the ability to arouse students' interest and subsequently lead to high performance in schools. the work sought to determine the effect of CBIM and gender on students' interest and achievement in French Language. The book indicated that the effect of location and treatment on students' interest in French language is significant. the effect of treatment and gender is not a significant factor n students' interest in French. Significant interaction between teaching method, location and gender is observed in the students' interest in French. Students taught using CBIM performed significantly better than students taught using TCM in the schools.
Effects of Constructivist-Based Instructional Model on Students’ Interest and Academic Achievement in French Language