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Learning Styles and Personality Types of Pupil Teachers

Learning Styles and Personality Types of Pupil Teachers

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This book is meant for pre-service teachers, teacher-educators, instructional designers and anyone associated with the field of teaching and learning. It purports to examine and compare the learning styles and personality types of student-teachers from science and humanities streams and investigate into the relationship between academic achievement and variables of learning styles and personality types. Teacher-education courses are designed to prepare professionals for employment in educational institutes. It is crucial that faculty within teacher education programs continually prepare pupil teachers to meet educational needs of diverse population of learners while delivering quality instructions that are commensurate with their personality and learning preferences. This volume thus emphasizes on the need for educators to recognize the importance of individual differences that may influence effective learning and refine their instructional styles to achieve learning outcomes in terms of academic achievement of learners.
Correlates of Academic Achievement