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Divergent Thinking and Intelligence

Divergent Thinking and Intelligence

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A comparative study of convent, government and private school students in relation to divergent thinking and intelligence is the study of different secondary school students to identify the divergent thinking, creativity, fluency, flexibility, origionality in relation to convergent thinking and intelligence. The assessment of divergent thinking and intelligence has a long yet controversial matter. In the lay literature, one often hears about the testing of divergent thinking rather than intelligence. Here we study about the process whereby individuals acquire knowledge from the environment. Thus the term divergent thinking and intelligence refers to the highest level of various mental processes such as perception, memory, abstract thinking, critical thinking, logical thinking, creativity, reasoning, problem solving etc In this competitive world secondary school system of education is the turning point of an individual to achieve the perceived goals, so that secondary school system of education should be overlooked and need to identify the qualities, potentialities, creativeness and dreams of a student.
Secondary School Students in Relation to Divergent Thinking and Intelligence