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Teacher Certification Effects on Student Achievement in Mathematics

Teacher Certification Effects on Student Achievement in Mathematics

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This study involves identifying the value added to student achievement by a teachers’ certification pathway. States have control in critical aspects of teacher education including licensing, accreditation, advanced certification, and on-the-job evaluation, all which play into making substantial differences in the policies and practices employed by the states. In reviewing the research on teacher knowledge from the elementary education certification avenue, there have been some conflicting results pertaining to the level of content knowledge required to maximize student achievement. The elementary pathway to obtain a license to teach middle school mathematics involves a distinctly different amount and level of content coursework than a secondary pathway. This book provides insight into understanding how to support middle school mathematics teachers in the preparation for the certification process so they have the competence and skill to deliver quality instruction to their students. The analysis should help inform hiring practices, preparation programs, and teacher licensing requirements in an effort to maximize achievement potential for all students preparing for algebra.
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