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Image Contrast Enhancement

Image Contrast Enhancement

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This book is beneficial for those researchers who are working on Image Contrast Enhancement. It introduces two image enhancement methods, Weighted of Local and Bidirectional Smooth Histogram Stretching (WLBSHS) and Local then Bidirectional Smooth Histogram Stretching (LBSHS). WLBSHS uses local and global enhancement in weighted approach. Main purpose of local enhancement is sharpening edges of objective and exploring local information. The research which discuss in this book considered Absolute Mean Brightness Error (AMBE), Entropy (E), Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR), Measure of Enhancement (EME), Brenner’s measure (BR) parameters for evaluating the enhanced image. This novel method is use for enhancing the better quality image with dynamic range.
By Preserving Brightness using Mixture of Global and Local Features