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Administrative Challenges Facing Public Secondary Schools

Administrative Challenges Facing Public Secondary Schools

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Provision of quality secondary school education is important in generating opportunities and achieving benefits of socio-economic development. Among the strategies adopted for expanding access to secondary school education in developing countries and particularly in Kenya are to subsidize fees in secondary schools. The purpose of this book was to examine the administrative challenges facing public secondary schools in the introduction of subsidized secondary school education in Nakuru municipality of Kenya. The book recommends that the Government of Kenya (Ministry of Education) should consider mobilizing resources to increase the allocation of funds disbursed to schools, revision of policy on funds disbursement with a view to ensure timely disbursement, allocation of resources to support financial education and management training workshops for school heads, integration of information technology in school management, organization of regular refresher courses to improve skills for the school head teachers and all persons involved in the school management.
A Case study of Nakuru Municipality in Kenya