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Conservation Practices

Conservation Practices

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Soil and water conservation measures are basic resources essential for survival of human kind on earth. Ironically, very few people realize the importance of conservation and judiciously utilizing the soil, the greatest gift of nature. According to Dr.H.H.Bennett “Soil without water is desert and water without soil is useless”. In fact every kind of farm activity is connected with land and prosperity of nation depends on quality of its and resources. Water is most limiting natural resource in semi-arid region. In most of the areas only water available is rain water. Due to inadequate and uneven distribution of rainfall during growth span of crop, it becomes essential to supply water to plant by adopting in-situ soil conservation measures for increasing water use efficiency. In order to study the in–situ soil and water conservation measures for Sorghum and the impact of soil and water conservation measures in terms of moisture status of soil, biometric observations, water use and production efficiency, runoff, soil and nutrient losses etc., five land configurations were studied as rainwater management treatments, viz. Cultivation along the slope (T1), Cultivation along the slope wi
Soil moisture, Production and Water use efficiency