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Using Foreign Educational Credentials in D, A and CH

Using Foreign Educational Credentials in D, A and CH

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German Interior Minister Dr. Thomas de Maiziere stated in 2014 that "1,08 million people immigrated to Germany in 2012". Statistik Austria published that 19.4 % of the population in 2013 have an immigration background. The Swiss Confederate Office for Statistics published also in 2013 that 34,8 % of the population have an immigration background. Little is known, however, that Switzerland has 26, Germany 16 and Austria one jurisdiction when it comes to the use of foreign educational credentials in the respective countries. The objective of this book is to shed some light how old laws developed into contemporary legal principles. By presenting a proper translation of legal texts and offering an interpretation this book may also help avoiding heavy fines and embarrassment for immigrants who are about to enter new jurisdictions in Central Europe.
Education Law Guide for Immigrants