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Constructivism Examined in Collaborative Mobile Learning

Constructivism Examined in Collaborative Mobile Learning

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This research examined constructivism when applied in a 1:1 Chromebook program using Google Applications in an elementary and high school classroom in the upper Midwest of the USA. Students were provided with a Chromebook and a Google account. Teachers were trained in how to use Google Applications and encouraged to use the collaboration available. The study was over a spring semester in 2014 during the initial implementation of the program. Data were collected through interviews of teachers, administrators, and parents involved with the program. Results indicated student learning is enhanced when students are provided with the tools to initiate learning activities with peers as well as participate in teacher-created activities. Teachers need to provide activities to encourage students to interact with others. Student achievement can be enhanced through online collaboration.
A 1:1 Chromebook/Google Applications Program in the Upper Midwest