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Serving Western Interests in Hawaii

Serving Western Interests in Hawaii

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Western education arrived in Hawaii as a transformative force with the American Protestant missionaries. The first period of transformation resulted in Hawai?i becoming a modern nation, which was primarily accomplished through education. The missionaries were the dominant class of Westerners because they were more trusted than other Westerners by the Hawaiian elite. The second period of transformation was led by a second generation of missionaries, who came to believe that they should rule Hawaii. During this period, education was used to subordinate Hawaiians and prepare for the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy. As a result, this study demonstrates that education served Western interests not the interests of Hawaiians. This investigation helps readers to understand how misperceptions and stereotypes of Hawaiians were purposively created as an American hegemony was spread, readying Hawai?i for colonization. This approach is taken in order to offer a view of the education for Hawaiians not previously reported, provide a means to challenge the perspective that education benefited Hawaiians, and reveal the roots for current educational problems facing Native Hawaiians.
Education, American Hegemony, and Colonization during the Nineteenth Century