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Hospitality Management and Health Tourism in India

Hospitality Management and Health Tourism in India

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India has been a tourist hot spot and has lured foreigners predominantly because of its mysticism,spirituality, exotic locales and rich history and culture.But, as exceptional standards of medical treatment emerge there is a larger demand for low-priced, yet good quality health care, and an active involvement of the private sector, foreign patients have started perceiving the country as a perfect destination to have health treatments in the fields of Ayurveda, Naturopathy,Yoga,etc. India is an enchanting country, its a vibrant combination of breathtaking stunning landscapes, thick tropical forests, glorious historical sites, colorful people, rich culture and innumerable festivals. Over the past decade, public infrastructure like the roadways, railways and airways has been enhanced and upgraded, which has led to a boom in the tourism industry. The international hospitality brands and the provision of world class services have added to the growth of Inbound tourism.
Health Tourism-India