Effectiveness of Total Quality Management   in Education

Effectiveness of Total Quality Management in Education

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The high rate of dropping out of school among high school students and high rate of failing the national test in many countries endanger the future of hundreds of thousands of youth all over the world. Poverty, social violence and political instability are major outcomes of this epidemic. This problem persists to exist despite the continuous injection of billions of the tax money by many governments in efforts to reform and develop their educational systems. Lack of students’ motivation, beside other reasons, is a major cause that makes many of the students tend to drop out of their schools and fail to graduate at the High school level. The researcher believed that this problem could be solved by application of Total Quality Management (TQM) in school. Application of TQM will help create a conducive environment for teaching and learning and lead to motivate the students and enable them to learn to their optimal capacity and become high achievers in their lives. The result of this research showed that Application of TQM in the school management is very effective on students’ motivation.
on Students’ Motivation in Pan Asia International School in Bangkok, Thailand