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A conceptual framework of Iranain stock market structural management

A conceptual framework of Iranain stock market structural management

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Iranian and Persian Gulf countries stock markets have similarities.Both are developing markets and low experienced. Besides,both of them are petroleum based markets.So organizational and managerial comparison between these markets helps markets not only increase strengths and opportunities but also decrease weaknesses and threats.The main purpose of this paper is to compare structural and managerial differences between Iranian and Persian Gulf (Saudi Arabia, United Arab of Emirates and Qatar)stock markets.The conceptual model is based on Mintzberg organizational structure which consists of five segments. These markets have similarities on supervision board, but have differences in other parts. In order to compare managerial differences between these markets we use SWOT analysis. We use managerial criterions in order to compare strengths and weaknesses between these markets.Besides we use relationship with international financial markets and experience of stock markets in order to compare threats and opportunities.
compare Iranian stock markets with GCC stock markets