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Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

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In the 21st Century enormous growth of mobile phone in India influenced to the banking sector as regards execution of Mobile Banking (M-Banking) because, M-Banking is the latest and most innovative service and is the new trend among the customers with the feature to access their accounts at any time – 24 hours a day X 365. M-Banking also known as cell phone banking, SMS Banking. Moreover, M-Banking is one of the financial inclusion media because it is providing efficient banking services with reasonable cost to all sections of people without discrimination. India has only one bank for a population of 14000. So, Banking institutions are playing an important role in improving access and deliverability of M-Banking services to India‘s rural poor. M-banking has several benefits like encourages to permit the unbanked to avail of financial services, reduce the administrative cost, more business demand, time-saving, reduce the occupational stress of the employees, speed of delivery in financial products etc. In order to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued M-Banking guidelines to the banks in the year of 2008.
Growth, Adoption and Acceptance in India