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Islamic banking system in India

Islamic banking system in India

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In India, Islamic banking is facing hurdles. There are efforts being made to establish a full fledge Islamic bank for the inclusion of the second largest population of the country which is reluctant of interest based investments. Islamic financial institutions exist in India, in the form of Non-banking financial institutions and Muslim Funds. There is a problem of managing the workforce and there is absence of standard system of operations. India has no enough reasons to avoid the exponential growth of Islamic banking worldwide. The growth in this sector is more than the growth of normal banking system. Why not it should promote Islamic banking if it’s promising sustainable development with many other advantages. The proponents of the interest free banking and finance have to prove the benefits by empirical data. The level of discourse would be at a new height if empirical studies prove the comparative advantage of Islamic banking. Therefore it could be concluded that at a time when India has adopted the policy of throwing open the Banking sector to foreign players, permitting Islamic Banks and Islamic windows in commercial banks would attract more foreign capital to the country.
Issues and Constraints