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From Financial Crisis to Economic and Political Distress

From Financial Crisis to Economic and Political Distress

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The chapters in this book provide a comprehensive analysis of the 2008 - 2013 global financial crisis. The authors are distinguished scholars or members of distiguished financial and economic institutions. Theoretical approaches and practical implications of the global financial crisis starting from 2008 onwards are intertwined within a logical sequence. First part of the book questions the impacts of globalization within the existing capitalist system. Poorly managed globalization triggers financial crisis. Governments must find ways to offset the negative impacts of this poorly managed globalization. Existing capitalism, within this context, is also questioned. Second part concentrates on the debt crisis and regulation of the financial markets in the european context. Regulatory system, banking system, accounting principles and financial crisis relationships are discussed by the authors. Third part consists of the Capital Markets. Last part looks at the state of the Turkish economy giving solid and up-to-date examples from an emerging market.