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A Study of Customer Services in Regional Rural Banks

A Study of Customer Services in Regional Rural Banks

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A service marketing is a new area of modern marketing management. Services industries are quite varied. Such as: (i) airlines (ii) banks (iii) hotels (iv) insurance companies (v) management consulting firms (vi) medical practices (vii) motion picture companies (viii) plumbing repair companies (ix) real estate firms (x) healthcare (xi) tourism (xii) transport (xiii) personnel care (xiv) entertainment (xv) tele-communications and similar services, which attract the profession of marketing.In India, 75% of rural population comprise small/marginal farmers and landless labour and other disadvantaged sections of society. These sections need credit support for economic development. A large section of this population still depends on the informal credit system, which charges exorbitant rates of interest6. Government of India has identified the basic need of providing the rural credit to the agriculture sector, as the rural farmers are facing a lot of financial problem. Customer service is more important for national development. This book is more useful for students and scholars in the filed of business in general and banking in particular.
Rural Bank - A Key for Village Economic Development