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Banking Sector Globalization in India

Banking Sector Globalization in India

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This innovative book critically deals with how liberalization and global integration have increased banking fragility in India. Since early nineties, banking and currency crises have rocked the world. These crises involved huge resolution costs and it became priority of governments and policy makers to avert them by adopting pre-emptive measures. One chapter in the book identifies banking crisis episodes in India and designs an early warning system for crisis prediction. Another chapter makes a macro-prudential analysis of the default risk of Indian banks and assesses how external and domestic factors impact bank asset quality. Stress tests examine resilience of banks in the event of the most extreme but plausible macroeconomic shocks. A broad chapter also relates to bank stock volatility in contemporary global financial market and determines risk sensitivity of bank stocks. Based on analytical findings in the book, several policy implications and measures on how to cope with banking fragility have been discussed. The book is an essential read for students, researchers and public policy professionals who are interested in globalization and bank vulnerability in emerging economies.
Vulnerability and Challenges