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Consolidations Among EU Stock Exchanges

Consolidations Among EU Stock Exchanges

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The research paper “Intraregional Cooperation among the Central and Eastern European Stock Exchanges and the Strategic Priorities of the Bulgarian Capital Market” analyzes the current state, the main models for integration and consolidation followed by leading EU stock exchanges and researches the potential for deepening intra-regional cooperation among Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) stock exchanges on the basis of comparative economic analysis and the theory of European financial integration. The research attempts to outline conclusions relating to quantitative and qualitative changes taken place on selected stock exchanges in CEE in the course of their consolidation and to reach assumptions regarding expected changes on the Bulgarian capital market in the course of intensifying its intra-regional integration links to CEE capital markets in conformity with set strategic priorities. The present paper has been awarded second place at national academic competition “Dr. Ivanka Petkova” organized by the Economic Policy Institute in Bulgaria
A Comparative Study Of Current and Potential Consolidation Processes among EU Stock Exchanges