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Reforms of Commercial Banks

Reforms of Commercial Banks

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Riding on the success of the first generation reforms initiated in Indian Banking Sector during 1991-92, the Second Generation Banking Sector Reforms were introduced in 1998 in India . These reforms have unleashed tremendous changes in the sector, as a result of that number of initiatives have been taken to remove or minimize the distortions impinging upon the efficient and profitable functioning of banks in India. The author fondled to elucidate and analyses the performance of Commercial banks in India in terms of operational performance during the pre and post reforms period with reference to the variables of branch network, deposit mobilization, credit deployment, priority sector finance, non-performing assets and managerial performance of Indian commercial banks. Thus this book evidently explains the importance of reforms initiated to the academicians, researchers in carrying further works on the banking sector reforms in India and to the policy makers by providing more inputs for further reforms hence this will become a manual for policy makers, bankers ,academicians and other relevant ones.