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Financial Crimes In Nigeria

Financial Crimes In Nigeria

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The global financial services industry continues to face problems and significant damage caused by corporate or financial crimes/fraud. Nigerian financial system is not without these financial crimes that has eaten deep into the financial fabric of its society and connected to its international tentacles worldwide. This book highlights the types of financial crimes committed by both Nigerian nationals in Nigeria and those abroad. Nigeria-related fraud and corruption include advance fee fraud, internet scams, credit card fraud and money laundering. Several criminological theories have been explored to offer explanations of why financial crime is so prevalent and the impact of this growing moral and social issue in the society. Financial crime in Nigeria is a huge area that is infamous and under-researched. Pure financial crimes relating to criminal activities with links to international fraud, corruption and money laundering are discussed in this book. The regulatory framework put in place to combat financial crimes by way of regulations, codes, laws and establishments are examined to assess their effectiveness and recommendations proffered to ameliorate this cankerworm.
Examining the impact on business of financial crime in Nigeria and measures to combat a growing and social issue