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Non-Performing Assets In Banks

Non-Performing Assets In Banks

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This Book discusses the concept of non-performing assets, the evaluation of credit risk, its significance, the quantification and monitoring of credit risk, and the study of action plan to mitigate the non-performing assets. The term NPA is explained and classified into various sub categories. Then the discussion is followed by key topics like asset classification, internal system for classification of assets as NPA, originating factors for the NPAs, Vehicles for NPA recovery, restructuring/ rescheduling of loans, and impact of NPAs. We will also throw a light on the Basel Recommendations and their efficacy in mitigating the credit risk. We will touch upon issues like estimation of capital requirements, segmentation of retail portfolios, etc. during our journey. In the final stage we delve upon the analytical part relating to the trends in the performance indicators of SBI, their correlations and the impact of NPAs on the performance of bank. From our study we find that there has been an improvement in the credit quality of the portfolios and also a rise in the advances. This is a good phenomenon; it can be attributed to the restructuring policy of Reserve Bank of India.
A Case Study on Indian Banks