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Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

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This book examines the market timing ability and stock selection ability of Managers of Indian Equity Mutual Fund Schemes by using different variables. Mutual Fund Institutions in India have grown significantly over the years. These institutions certainly play a crucial role in the Indian Economy. The rapid growth of Mutual Funds has compelled us to take a deeper look into the performance of Mutual Funds, taking into account the expectations of investors, ability of Fund Managers Portfolio Managers to time their entry into the market and choose the right stock. This would enable the investors to assess how much returns has been generated by Portfolio Managers and what risk level was assumed in generating such funds. Similarly, Fund Managers would be able to identify their fund performance over the time. The study on performance evaluation also provides a mechanism for identifying strengths and weaknesses of Fund Managers in the investment process under different market conditions and helps them to take corrective actions.
Analysis of Market Timing Ability and Stock Selection Ability – A Study on Equity Mutual Fund Schemes in India