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Investors' Perception

Investors' Perception

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This book is about investors’ perception on mutual fund schemes. The focus of this book is on the mutual funds and investment behavior. This book discusses the evolution & growth of mutual fund industry in India, investors’ behavior on their saving pattern, investors’ awareness on the mutual funds and adoption of mutual funds. The basic purpose of the book is to assist the reader to know about mutual fund industry and understanding the behavior of different aged investors. This book contains the history of mutual fund industry in India and personal & family, educational considerations effect on investors’ perception in choosing the mutual funds are helpful to the reader in making financial decisions. The perceptions are made clear in simple language before introducing complicated analysis. For a better and easy understanding of the perceptions and analysis, the book contains illustrative diagram and hypothetical as well as real life financial problems with suggested and solutions. This will facilitate the reader enhanced understanding of the subject.
On Mutual Funds