Contemporary Global Economic and Social  issues

Contemporary Global Economic and Social issues

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There are several contemporary global economic and social issues which are being discussed for finding possible solutions, by policy makers, government, academicians and industry in general.There is need for presentation of them in the form of a book so that those concerned will have an opportunity to find all of them at one place in the form of a book and make an effort to find solutions to them.These are the problems concerning commercial banks, central banks, corruption, population growth, unemployment, financial crisis in the Europe,investment opportunities in Africa,models of development followed by some countries recently,gold and silver as investment opportunity,child labor problems, women empowerment causes,consequences and remedial measures,neglecting female child in some countries in Asia,Etc,etc.These problems are present in several countries with no solutions to find.Hence an attempt is made to present several such issues in the form of a book.I hope the book will be found useful for those in the fields of education, industry and government.
Global economic and social issues