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Performance Appraisal of Innovative Banks

Performance Appraisal of Innovative Banks

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Money is life blood of economy of any country and banking is the nervous system which pumps this life blood through out the economy. No person either a common man or big corporate and even the government can think of development without banking. From last two decades a revolution in Indian Baking Sector can be felt which was ignited with implementation of New Industrial Policy, 1991 followed by the recommendations of M. Narsimham Committee I in 1993. In order to cope up with the requirements of new industrial policy, the government decided to privatize banks in 1994. In this regime of privatization, ICICI Bank was incorporated as a company limited by shares and within 7 years of its establishment it became the largest private sector bank of India and a pioneer in innovations in banking services. The customers are the main focus of any business and their satisfaction is a factor which decides the sustainability of any business concern in the market. The present research work is an attempt to analyze the extent of customer satisfaction and their behaviour along with financial performance appraisal of ICICI Bank with respect to various innovative services provided by it.
A Research on Performance Appraisal of ICICI Bank with Special Reference to Innovative Banking