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Enhancing Transparency and Risk Reporting in Islamic Banks

Enhancing Transparency and Risk Reporting in Islamic Banks

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This study examines transparency and risk reporting issues in Islamic banks. Based on a postal questionnaire survey of 28 Islamic banks in 14 countries, supplemented by a follow-up e mails and interviews, the study addresses the following specific issues on: (a) the nature of risks that Islamic banks are exposed; (b) the risk measurement and management used by Islamic banks; (c) the information required by Islamic bank supervisors to monitor the risk profile of Islamic banks; (d) the importance of transparency and market discipline in Islamic banks; and (e) the adequacy of current risk reporting in Islamic banks. The results of the study indicate that Islamic banks are exposed to similar risks as those in conventional banks. Furthermore, the results also reveal that the degree of the importance of the risks is also similar to those in conventional banks, except the nature of the risks.
Empirical Evidence from 28 Islamic Banks