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An evaluation of capital asset princing model in the indian context

An evaluation of capital asset princing model in the indian context

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The book evaluates the univariate and multivariate Capital Asset Pricing Models in the Indian capital market. The book has been written to meet the requirement of management students, researchers, academic scholars, policy makers, financial analyst etc. CAPM is widely used in finance literature. This theory is gaining momentum in the developed as well as emerging economies. Therefore, there is a need for research in the area of asset pricing in the financial markets. The book has been written in a student and researchers friendly way. The salient features of the book are extensive coverage of the following features: •Portfolio investment process, capital market line, security market line, CAPM, •Empirical studies on CAPM in developed capital markets and in the Indian capital markets; an overview of the Indian capital market. •Empirical results and discussions of the univariate and multivariate CAPM models. Implication of the book: the empirical findings of this book would be useful to financial analysts as the results prove that the CAPM with multifactor is useful in determining security/market value weighted portfolio returns in the Indian capital market
Capital Asset Pricing Model