Factors Affecting the Performance    of Stockbrokers in Kenya

Factors Affecting the Performance of Stockbrokers in Kenya

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Over the last few years there has been cases of brokerage houses collapsing all over the world and innocent investors losing their hard-earned monies to unscrupulous stockbrokers. This book, therefore provides an in-depth understanding of what factors affect the performance of the stockbrokers in Kenya, the book has also evaluated factors affecting other stockbrokers performance around the world. This book, is handy to investment banks/stockbrokers' firms round the globe to help improve their performance. It is equally valuable to local and international investors,their understanding of what affects stockbrokers performance will enable them choose a stockbroker wisely and ultimately safeguard their wealth.Besides that,this book will also enable students learning finance, to appreciate this aspect of the capital market.
Evaluation of the factors affecting stockbrokers