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Sectoral Mutual Funds in India : An Indepth Analysis

Sectoral Mutual Funds in India : An Indepth Analysis

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Financial sector liberalization was one of the major reforms, which have taken place in majority of the developing countries in the eighties. The major objectives of financial sector reform were to improve the allocative efficiency of resources and to accelerate the growth process of the real sector by removing structural deficiencies affecting the performance of financial institutions and financial markets. Internationally mutual funds are key contributors to the globalization of financial market and one of the main source of capital flows to emerging economies. Mutual funds in developed countries have become one of the main instruments for investing in emerging markets. The mutual fund industry is among the most successful recent financial innovation. The present research work is an attempt to analyse and compare different mutual fund schemes on various Yadsticks which helps in determining the future trends in mutual fund industry.
A Research on Comparative Analysis of Sectoral Mutual Fund Schemes in India