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Capital Market Investment Of Salaried Persons

Capital Market Investment Of Salaried Persons

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Financial Market has shown an immense potential which is visible by the growth it has achieved in the recent past, in the present changing financial environment and an increased exposure towards financial risks, it is of immense importance to have a good working knowledge of portfolio. The small investors are becoming more and more important to the stock market, their numbers "give the market depth”. A well-diversified portfolio (investments across different asset class like debt, equity, real estate and commodity) will reduce the chances of losses on a portfolio basis. This enables the investor to withstand volatility.To understand the perception of Salaried Persons in Calicut City, a humble effort was made by conducting a survey with the help of a questionnaire. It is clear that the study helped to understand that, the perception of investors towards Investment Avenue.
A Study Through JRG Securities Ltd, Calicut