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Knowledge Sharing Intentions of Investors in a Collectivist Society

Knowledge Sharing Intentions of Investors in a Collectivist Society

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The investor behavior generally revolves around two things: first, the behavior of investors in the stock market; second, the impact of the behavior of investors on the stock market. Behavioral finance applies several psychological theories to understand the behavior of investors in a better way. Besides the heap of literature, it is growing rapidly to understand the various behaviors of the stock market participants. The main objective of this study is to contribute in the behavioral finance literature by investigating the knowledge sharing intentions of the investors in Pakistani stock markets. For this, the study comes up with a theoretical model and takes personality traits and environmental factors to investigate the intentions of the investors regarding knowledge sharing. The study is one of the first studies to investigate this phenomenon in the behavioral finance therefore it contributes to the growing literature on investor behavior. The study not only contributes to the body of knowledge body also has important implications for the investors and policy makers.
A Study of Pakistani Investors